How to find clients for software development services?

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We are a team of software engineers with more than 8 years of experience. Currently we are looking to expand our services to US market or Europe. I have tried to find some clients in Upwork and Fiverr, but not much progress. So how we could improve finding clients?


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You are breaking into a highly competitive market. You need to stand out. I suggest working on building a Twitter following. - Post short articles at least once a day that help your potential customers navigate hiring software professionals or gives them ideas on how software can help their company grow. - Post templates and tips for creating effective work orders - Use Twitter's search to find and reply to individuals and small-medium size businesses that ask software-related questions. Answer them for free. (Then offer the next item on this list) - Offer a free short (5-15 minutes of your time via email) consult/assessment of potential ways software can help/automate their company. And/or help them calculate the development requirements and cost of the project they have in mind.
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@hoffertr Thanks a lot, Randolph! Will use your recommendations in twitter!
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If you require assistance in locating a qualified IT professional, please contact us. All you need to do is focus on a single successful campaign. Personally, I recommend contacting create an app salesforce, since they will undoubtedly assist you in locating qualified personnel. You'll enjoy the way they operate. That is why I advise you to participate in this campaign; I believe my review will be beneficial to you. - online learning
If you are looking for a job, you can go to these guys They are just in constant search of professionals to write different kinds of papers. Some of my friends already work there, and they really like being able to work at their convenience. You can also combine this job with your main job.
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One of the best and right decisions at the very start would be to develop your website like which can talk about your experience, portfolio, case studies
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How much will it cost to redesign the program? Also, where can I hire a team to develop it? The program is written in python and allows you to parse data from any site for a particular key. There are a few more minor features that need to be added.
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Advise an experienced team that can do such a task. The main thing for me is that everything was developed with high quality. The speed of development is not important.
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It will be much more difficult for any programmer to complete a program written by another developer. Usually, experienced developers take on such work. The cost of development, respectively, will be higher. But they will solve your task fully. You can hire software development team in this company. To solve your problem select a team of experienced professionals who have dealt with similar issues.
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Every company needs them: clients. By having clients your company can make sure it will generate an income. If a company has enough paying clients, and the total income is higher than the total costs, the company becomes profitable. Check - Referrals previous clients, Social media, Directories & marketplaces, Outbound sales, and more. For salesforce development services, visit