Pay to have it hosted or host yourself?

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Hi makers! I'm building a user feedback product and I'm trying to figure out which is more desirable. Would you rather sign up for a service and pay a monthly fee (about $15/mo) or would you rather host the product yourself and pay a one time fee (about $70), with access to the codebase? Thanks for your feedback!


Matt Harbord
Hey Austin - the difference in those fees is pretty small - I guess I'm likely to pay the monthly for a month or two and then upgrade if I think it's long term viable. I really appreciate low monthly fees that lower the barrier to entry for things you think you need but aren't certain are going to be worth paying full whack for. iubenda nails this with their $9 / month no contract privacy policy and ts and cs; much rather pay that than the $1k my friend paid for bespoke ones written for his project (an extreme example I know!)