Who here is a sports card trader?

Sam Mazzaferro
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I have been working on a product to bring people the best and most secure platform for Buying, Selling, Trading, Staxxs', Unboxing, Raffles, Live Auctioning, and Showing off your collection. Check it out! https://heyhobyn.wixsite.com/hobyn


Im a big card collector, since I was in middle school. I usually check out ebay every now and then to see how much my basketball cards are worth. Just signed up to your platform. It would be cool if there is a service you provide that evaluates your card based on authenticity, condition, and estimates a price (using some sort of algorithm that compares similar cards on other sites and eventually your site when you have many users). Good luck!!!
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@thelastsamara Thank you!!
@sam_mazzaferro Just launched our app on PH, your feedback would be appreciated.