Environmental Database

Ashish Telang
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Hi Product Hunters! We are a group of 3 university students trying to develop a product which helps people track their carbon footprint. I was wondering if you know of any online environmental datasets (preferably free) that we could use? The dataset should be able to tell us what is the carbon footprint for each product is. Thanks! Ashish


Marat Chukmarov
Hi, Ashish! I would suggest you to specify your goal first, as "environmental impact" isn't as obvious/certain as it may sound. What exactly do you want to track and what for? Like Boyan Slat tracked main flows of garbage(
) to clean the ocean? With defining the question, there comes the answers, otherwise it may sound as 'give me some data, equipped with which I could save the planet', which is noble goal, actually, and thumbs up to you
It may be worth looking at products already doing this and contacting the makers for advice.