Tips for a successful Product Hunt launch?

Dmitry Gaiduk
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Hey Makers! We've created a great product and going to launch it on Product Hunt next week. I'm a little bit nervous because it's our first time :) I'll appreciate your advice on the successful launch!


The prep for a good launch starts months before the launch date, by immersing yourself in the community and observing launches and learning how folks respond and interact, plus also building your community outside the platform who can support you on your launch day.
Dmitry Gaiduk
@abadesi thank you for your feedback! Learning how people respond and interact - yes, it's extremely important. Happy also to understand that we've already built our community of supporters:)
Stephen Woods
@abadesi I've only just found this site and I've just gone through a Kickstarter for my screen print machine / product 'The Imprinter'. I got the money but it was hard work getting it there. I realise that marketing and PR people can only work with what you give them but I really got very little traction from outside services even when they were saying they posted to 20k people on twitter or whatever ... I agree with the sentiments here, working with an influencer if possible but also bringing your own crowd to the party. I did $21k with a Database of 500 and 2000 on FB ... 'Just enough' Really you need double this to start plus an influencer or 2 ...
Rhona Aylward
@shraddhasrivastava posted a blog about launching here a couple of days ago. We're in a similar point of pre-launch and it was really useful. Here's a link in case you missed it. Good luck for your launch!
Luck plays a factor here. If for example a couple of pretty famous products launch on the same day you do, you will be competing with them directly, and your chance in becoming one of the top 5 products of the day could be very slim. So I would recommend launching on a day that is not known as "best weekday to launch".