What's your top priority when creating landing pages?

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There are a ton of awesome web builders, frameworks and solutions to help us get our landing pages off the ground. What are the different factors that go into your decision making process? What do you typically reach for when you want to launch a landing page?


Super hard to pick one but I went for copy and content - you want to ensure the desired action happens when folks land on that page. Often that's by having the right info there to drive that.
@whatsnewsaes I would say from a different angle. The question of creating a landing page usually arises from a specific need. You can specify this need researching and finding out similar startups/products on Product hunt, Appsumo, and other platforms. There’s a high probability that the same product (that you gonna make) has already been launched. But what I’m talking about... You will find exceptional insights and feedbacks in the comments from your potential customers: what features to add or remove, what to improve, how much they are willing to pay, and so on. And having received this information, I think the question of what's your top priority when creating landing pages: analytics or design or conversion, disappears. Because usually you specifically understand what you need in the current case.