Is there a way to find the persona of people visiting a website?

Salil Sethi
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I'm trying to figure out the persona of people that visit a website. Stuff like, age group, gender, location, education makeup, interested, etc. I know SimilarWeb and Alexa provides some of these things. But would love for more details. Does anyone here have a better tool that gives persona details on website traffic?


Salil Sethi
@jack_wright1 How do I find out the persona of people visiting other's website. Not mine. For example, can GA tell me the persona of people visiting PH?
Jack Wright
@salil_sethi Ahh, I thought you were asking about your own site. Not sure then. App Annie is good for apps, not sure about sites though.
Salil Sethi
@hanna_welch - Hi Hanna, I've used both. Is there a section where this information exists and I overlooked it?
Zachary Green
You should try out SparkToro. Have you heard of it?
Salil Sethi
@zachary_green2 Actually that is a pretty good suggestion. It's Rand Fishkins new company, correct?
Salil Sethi
@missrogue What is your use case for SparkToro?
Tara Hunt
@salil_sethi I use it for all sorts of use cases: 1. To get a sense of the kind of person who follows a brand or talks about a subject or (as you asked in the question) visits a website - it focuses on affinities (ie. People who like this also like that), so I can start to paint a picture of the audience. 2. To find influencers in niche audiences - especially really obscure stuff like "Optical Engineers" - this is where SparkToro really shines! I find more general searches aren't as useful (everyone follows Elon Musk, but that doesn't mean he's an influencer), but if you can find smaller, more homogenous audiences, you'll find those hidden gems (and there's actually a filter called hidden gems) 3. To check in on the competition (or even find out what's competing for my audience's attention).