Have any of your noticed a change in Linkedin's policies related to promoting your company page?

Mark Bullard
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Previously, I could invite 25 linked connections per day. I was doing that and getting 3-9 new followers daily. There was a weekly limit (unpublished) that I hit at some point every week. It must have been 100 or 125 as that's generally how many invites I sent out in a week before hitting the limit. Now they have a 100 invites PER MONTH limit! For every invite that gets accepted, they replace it with one more invite. So, if I send out 25 invites today, and 3 accept, I'll get 3 more invites to send out. Given that typical response rates are in sub 10% for this kind of thing, and I was getting 10-30% response rates, I thought I was doing well. But now, I've found it very stifling. Wondering if it's universal or if they are "punishing" me for sending out to many invites?


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Interesting - I know they're changing a lot with the platform lately. I know having a lot of outstanding invites from your personal profile is negative to your profile - they really don't like having un-accepted invites left alone. But it's good to know they made this change! I wasn't aware.