Get a Google play Console account

Josias Aurel
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Hello I am new to this. I am sorry for starting like that I will understand if nothing is obtained. I am building a mobile app to help save bills and I want to get a Google play Console account for publishing. The app is not completed yet but it will be in some weeks. All help appreciated


You can easily have a Google Play Console account. I suggest you should create a separate account in Google(eg. Gmail) for publishing the app so you can maintain your personal account separately for a longer run. Then use a new google account to login to Google Play Console. Here is the link. It is $25 for a lifetime. If you looking Apple Developer Program. It's $100 every year. So it is a good start to have a pretty app on the Play Store then you can target App Store. I launched my app 'Namly' in Play store first then recently have launched for App Store too. I hope this information would help you. Let me know if you need any further information. Good Luck! @gilliy @NamlyApp