Hello Makers, let's hear what tools you use in your software development and delivery process

Nife Oluyemi
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TGIF Makers!! I’m a big fan of Developer and DevOps tooling, and would like to know more tools out there that can help me and others. These tools is could be, but not limited to Issue Tracking, Package repos, Code repo, Containers, Container Orchestration, Container Security, Continuous Integration/Deployment, Instrastructure as code, Cloud services, Incident Management/Monitoring, VPN, Code inspection, Terminal Software, Security, Documentation, No-code etc. Other developer productivity tools are also welcome


Nife Oluyemi
I'd start, I use: - SonarQube - Terraform - Jenkins - Ansible - MotionPro VPN - JasperApp - Digital Ocean Spaces I nominate @matteing @jamesmkenny @samuelekpe @daveed_kz