Paintings on canvas, fairly large, all under $15

Matthew Hornbostel
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I am an artist selling a lot of items on eBay & Etsy, plus stock media for other (digital) artists on Itch.IO. I am planning to reduce prices even further just about everywhere I have things online, for Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday (Nov. 28- December 2nd) and Christmas-New Years Eve 2019. Don't be surprised to see some paintings drop below $5 (plus shipping) I am trying to fund a bunch of gamedev and video productions BTW, so that is a lot of the focus here. I will be heavily revising a lot of my websites and online venues over the next month.


Muhammad Usman Bhatti
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Germ Eja
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Wow, these paintings on canvas are not only stunning but also incredibly affordable! I'm particularly drawn to the dubai wall painting; it would make a fantastic addition to any space. Thanks for sharing these gems at such budget-friendly prices!
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