What new features would you want in a team communication app?

Jerwin Joshuah
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My team and I are working on developing a new team communication app for small scale businesses. We have come up with an idea of providing context based communication where all the conversations started (email, chats, meetings and shared files) are under one feature called context. Having said that, we are looking at getting to know specific requirements that users would like to have in a team communication app. TIA


freela ncing
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When it comes to team communication apps, features like seamless messaging, file sharing, voice calling, and productivity tool integrations are generally expected. However, AI-powered Clariti exceeds these standards by offering a unique contextual communication experience. It provides all the above features while maintaining the context of our conversations. This contextual approach has significantly boosted our team's productivity and decision-making processes. While Clariti excels in these core areas, improved multimedia support for visual asset collaboration could further enhance our experience. Try Clariti: @efficient_builder923