What's your morning routine look like?

Jack Wright
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We're creating a wellness app that helps you form better morning habits: https://magicmorning.co/ Curious what morning habits everyone's already doing!


Since the quarantine started I noticed that it became so much harder to maintain my morning routine. I used to be pretty good at working out and doing a mindfulness practice. Now I struggle to stay consistent and often start working, and then take a break to do one of my former 'morning' routines. Would love to hear how people managed to stick to their routines during this time.
@elena_fedina Hey! Thanks for commenting here. :) I don't want to be cheesy, and shamelessly plug my product, but we have been testing it, and it does seem to help. https://magicmorning.co/ We still have 17 spots open for the beta test, if you're interested. --- Ok, pitch over. I did notice that my days were getting pushed back a bit. I was still completing my morning routine, but I was allowing myself to wake up later than usual. This week I realized a helpful trick. I force myself to start getting ready for bed at a certain time. This ensures that I have a proper wind down > which ensures I go to sleep at the right time > which ensures that I get enough sleep > which ensures that I wake up on time. So all you really have to do is force yourself to start getting ready for bed at the right time, and everything falls into place (more or less). --- Still curious though, what morning habits did you practice before? Thanks again for posting! J
@jack_wright1 Haha that's a great plug. Also I didn't realize you guys were in Brooklyn - hello to fellow New Yorkers! My morning routing (ideally) is: quick cleanup in the bathroom (I have a cat, so making sure things are clean in the morning is important for my sanity during the day), then making some tea (as I clean up in the kitchen), then working out (yoga/weights/cardio depending on how I feel that day), meditating/setting an intention for the day. If I have the time - reading a book. After that I usually am in a good mental state to get to work. I tried journaling as it keeps coming up a lot, but it doesn't seem to work for me (even though I invested in a really nice fountain pen lol). I find it much more cathartic if I do it only once in a while, like a special ritual when I'm fully present, in the morning I would feel too rushed to squeeze that in. As you may notice, I don't eat breakfast :) That's because I'm practicing intermittent fasting and try to have my first meal around 12pm (so I can have dinner with my husband around 8pm). Hope this helps!
@elena_fedina Ahh hey!! What part of the city are you in? How're you holding up during these crazy times? Just went out today for the first time in awhile. So nice out! Well shoot, you literally described the Magic morning routine 😂 Minus the fasting! - Warm up - Workout - Eat Breakfast - Get Ready - Meditate - Journal (which can be as minimal as setting intentions) I think people who already have great routines might be resistant to try an app, but we'd still love to get your feedback if you're open to trying it. :) All good if you don't want to though! -- Are you working on anything fun right now?
@jack_wright1 I would love to try it out - I find that without a nudge I pick and choose what I do and justify anything I skip by not having enough time (and sometimes sleeping in is all I 'have the time' for). A simple list of things with a few badges does miracles for me (and I'm sure I'm not that unique - otherwise gamification wouldn't be a thing!). I'm in Brooklyn myself, just south of Prospect park, so we're lucky in a way to have an escape like that. Definitely helped my mental health a lot in the past few months! -- My side project these days is my garden! It feels I started to spend so much more time in front of the screen (not only for work for to stay in touch with people) that I need some proper time off. But as a PM I do a lot of research, testing and try to optimize things with the limited space we have :) Also discovering a lot of innovative gardening products as I dive into this topic!
@elena_fedina Hey, thanks for signing up! Really appreciate it. The beta test will likely start at the end of next week. :) Looks like we're living similar lives! I'm in Carrol Gardens (small world!). My girl friend and I have also gotten very into gardening during this time. Our balcony's covered in petunias 😂 Definitely agree about the excess screen time. Take care and talk soon! J