How much coding did you know before starting your own side project/ startup?

Ahmad Javed
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I know web development and have built several small projects, every time I want to start some big project I feel like I don't know enough or need to learn some more. How should I tackle this problem. I have several ideas which I want to work on.


Vasyl Hebrian
Hi, I think you should start trying to create your product, and during development, you will improve your skills and learn new things. You won’t even notice how you will dive in different topics. 5 years ago, I started creating a project for myself, it was simple and not very functional. Soon, I made it public in the local market, users began to write their feedback and ideas, and during upgrading, I grew up as a programmer. Now I have a team, we have created a new version of the product, and when I look back I understand that I made the right decision when I decided to act, and not wait.
Jack Wright
No coding! haha. Just find a good dev to work with!