Do you use VPN? And which one?

Denis Vyazovoy
13 replies
Hey everybody. Can you help me, please. I am currently conducting a survey to better understand the VPN market. Can you answer a few questions? 1. Which VPN do you use? 2. Why did you choose this one? 3. Why do you use VPN?


Donna Wells
1.Surfshark 2.Easy to use, easy interface 3.I'm have no problems. App works good!
Henry Zhang
1. OpenVPN 2. It was the one i was introduced to first and its pretty much compatible with any firewall ive used. 3. No major issues with it. It works well!
Artem Galenko
Express vpn is the best for me
Artem Galenko
@denchikceo I used it all over the world for a long time and everywhere it worked very well! and also they have a good support
Cinzia Pompa
Gah! Been meaning to get one for so long
I suggest you try Aman, the free and reliable VPN software
una flores
I tried a large number of services, and could not find a stable service, after a google search, I came across the website mrspyer, with a review of best vpn services, after reading the detailed information on the site, I installed NordVPN, and was very surprised. The features of NordVPN are really impressive. Their speed, level of protection and quality of service were the best I have ever experienced. Their online support chat is really great and their manager was really helpful with advice. I confidently recommend NordVPN to everyone and will definitely renew my subscription.
Emily Harris
1. ExpressVPN 2. NordVPN
Nick Bess
I use a VPN on all my devices (phone, laptop, firestick). It provides me with access to all sources I need. Also, it protects my data. Currently, I'm using IPVanish It is considered to be one of the top VPN services today, so I decided to give it a try. Moreover, I had the possibility to buy it at a big discount. No regrets.
sadaqat ali
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