What domain for the demo would you like to see for a chatbot enhancer API?

Emmanuel Hadoux
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So, we are making this API that any chatbot provider/user can call to give their bot the ability to argue and persuade. We want to build a compelling demo (obv.) that would be summed up with just a few successive calls (3-4 max). Each call is about querying the next argument or giving profile info. What domain would be the most interesting for you to see if you were (or are ;) ) a chatbot provider/user? Some ideas we have: make the visitor agreeing with using a debt advice tool (we work on that amongst other things), changing their phone plan, or some pension advice. Thanks!


I think choosing between service providers is a good idea.. or what about a customer service issue like asking for support or making a complaint?
Emmanuel Hadoux
@abadesi Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I feel that the service provider one is not too bad. For support or complaint though, I'll think about it but it has to contain a persuasion component/objective attached to it so it's not obvious yet (but it's late here, maybe that's why)