What GIF has the strongest impact to showcase our www.jesuslight.com?

Filvent Legorreta
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This is our first product. So we are very excited to launch on the 25 of November. Thanks for helping. :)


At first I went for Option 4 because I liked the cross section element but on reflection I voted for Option 1 because I felt it clearly conveyed how it works like most smart lights.
Filvent Legorreta
@abadesi Awesome. Thanks Abadesi. I'm grateful to be able to learn to share more. Is therapeutic. I have never done it before, but I'm glad I did. :)
I vote for option 1, but I’m not too fond of extra pictures, animations, etc., regarding religion. Maybe I’m wrong, but sites like this should be more minimalistic.
I don’t quite agree with you, and I think everything about religion is wonderful, even if it’s vivid images and animations. I think you are too strict. But I am a supporter of minimalism, and I like brevity. For example, if we are talking about religion, I liked the design of this site https://firstchurchlove.com . In my opinion, it is not superfluous, but it has all the necessary information. For example, my grandmother goes to church and makes regular donations. She goes to the right website and donates in one minute. User-friendliness is the most important.