Companies who adopt Remote Work will replace every Company who doesn’t

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Global workforce analytics report says “office-first companies spend almost $18,400 on average per person at the workplace.” This includes building rent, government taxes, workers’ legalities, insurance dues, and much more. 20 years before, the companies who said ‘No’ to traditional office work and switched to remote work have replaced every company that didn’t and today the companies who are adopting remote work will replace every other company in the next 20 years or even earlier who will still carry work at offices. Why office-first companies are being replaced with the remote-first companies? Share your thoughts...


Giovanni Cascio
Many companies had bad experience with remote work in the past, for example, employees being left alone at home and not involving them into social activities or decisions. This procedure dramatically drops the productivity of the employees. With modern approaches of remote work - for example applied by remote first companies - however, almost all disadvantages of remote work disappear, leaving only the benefits for employees (flexibility, no need to commute, etc.) and employers (world wide access to talents, reduced workplace costs, etc.). So just as industrialization has fundamentally changed the world of work, digitization and the associated remote work are now changing it yet again.