How do you think of introducing new UX patterns into your product?

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Unlike UI feedback, UX feedback is hard without real usage by real people. How do you guys deal with it? Right now, we speak of goals in terms of what we want the user to be able to accomplish, and friction, in terms of what may stop them from doing so. Is there a better way?


Bruno Barberi Gnecco
I don't think anything beats getting someone you know to used it and be amazed to see how they miss big buttons and do things in very strange ways. Get a friend, ask them to test your product and see if they can work it well. Also, try to find designers and people who know UX to give feedback.
Rahul Sharma
@brunobg Thanks Bruno. We usually do this, but only after we've already made an iteration. I was talking more about how to think of design so that the number of iterations are low, and we can predict the issues prospective users may face.