How do you attract an audience to validate your idea?

Joe Wilkinson
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I have started a blog on Medium to direct traffic to my landing page in order to collect email address. So I can then i can ask validating questions. However I am really struggling to attract readers to my blog. Most reddit/facebook groups disallow self promotion, and I have had no luck guest blogging. Any tips?


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If you are saying something valuable you won't struggle to attract people. Try to narrow the niche you are targeting in these early days so you can create value adding content that stands out!
@abadesi I agree, however I still believe you need to promote your blog so early readers find it. They can then share it and grow naturally. Its those first readers I need to promote to.
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How many people do you need to validate your idea? And what's your landing page?
@david_jones6 I need around 100. But I want to keep growing from there so I have an audience to launch my product to. I have a blog post that feeds to my landing page.
Partner at JAW Advertising in Toronto.
@aimcareerss @joe_wilkinson Here's what I'd suggest: be much more direct. Forget about the blog-to-landing page-to-e-mail-to-outbound-to-validation approach. It's way too cumbersome and has too much friction and place for people to drop off. Just be transparent that you're trying to validate an idea and be a little more explicit with what it is or what problem you're trying to solve on your landing page. Put a little survey together to help you validate and ask people to take it. Collect e-mails from the willing and contact those people to dig a little deeper. Post about what you're doing on some Freelancer groups on Linkedin and Facebook and Reddit -- a simple search should help you find a bunch -- and ask them if anyone would be interested in taking a short survey to help you validate your idea. If you're unsure, ask the mods if it's OK to ask for that sort of feedback.
@aimcareerss @david_jones6 I definaly agree my approuch is cumbersome! However most of the places my audiance hang out reddit/linkedin groups ects ban for self promotion. This why I turned to blogging in the first place.