What is stopping you from using Machine Learning ?

Navneet Madhu Kumar
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I just wanted to understand the barriers to using Machine Learning. Most people I talked to are deterred by the steep learning curve. Would love to understand your perspective. Thanks!


Usetiful co-founder
I would recommend to go the other way - why is Machine Learning the best solution for my problems? If the benefit is large enough, I'll invest into learning. There is so much buzz about solutions (remember blockchain recently?) - we are trying to figure out problems for solutions rather than trying to find innovative solutions for a problems.
@ondrej_dobias1 Makes sense. And what if you do think ML is the best solution for some problem you have ? Then what are your barriers to using it ?
Founder, OpenProsper.com
I think most people are worried about the steep learning curve as well as lack of understanding what ML can do. I think there needs to be a resource, which just lists each small task ML has done better. This can be broken by categories - image, sound, text.
@salil_sethi Yup. Totally makes sense.