What is stopping you from using Machine Learning ?

Navneet Madhu Kumar
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I just wanted to understand the barriers to using Machine Learning. Most people I talked to are deterred by the steep learning curve. Would love to understand your perspective. Thanks!


Ondrej Dobias
I would recommend to go the other way - why is Machine Learning the best solution for my problems? If the benefit is large enough, I'll invest into learning. There is so much buzz about solutions (remember blockchain recently?) - we are trying to figure out problems for solutions rather than trying to find innovative solutions for a problems.
Navneet Madhu Kumar
@ondrej_dobias1 Makes sense. And what if you do think ML is the best solution for some problem you have ? Then what are your barriers to using it ?
Salil Sethi
I think most people are worried about the steep learning curve as well as lack of understanding what ML can do. I think there needs to be a resource, which just lists each small task ML has done better. This can be broken by categories - image, sound, text.
Mark Lense
The power of such a system is determined by the capabilities of the goal generator and the theorem proving machine, more at https://foreignpolicyi.org/best-.... Of course, it can be said that the expressiveness of propositional algebra is not enough for the full implementation of artificial intelligence, but it is worth remembering that the basis of all existing computers is a bit - a memory cell that can only take values ​​of 0 and 1.