Product Update: Rich URL Previews, Message Formatting, Drafts, Delete for Everyone and More

Siddhant Sharma
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PRODUCT UPDATE: We've been working on new features as well as re-iterating old features to make In-App Chat work better for your Apps and make it more engaging. Like other popular real-time consumers Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zalo and Skype, #JavaScript and #iOS #SDKs now allow your users to send URLs with Rich Previews. adds In-App User-to-User Communication into Mobile Apps & Websites, with rich & engaging Text Chat, Video, and Audio Calling experiences, to Increase User Engagement and Enable new Revenue Streams.’s Demos will give you a good idea of how our product works, and also how it can help in increasing engagement and retention, and help you serve your users better. Take a look at the Demo from here: will soon be launching on Product Hunt. Stay Tuned! #CommunicationsSdk #Javascript #AndroidSDK #iOSSDK #Communication #InAppChat
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