My product is in a miserable position. Any advice...?🙏😭🙏

Sungho Yahng
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Those who use LearnObit ( consistently are less than 10, after 3 months from launching. I think it's quite useful already, and although it's far from a complete product, it's implemented enough to be used in everyday life. But there are no people using it... What can I do to attract people to it? The way I used so far was to post promotions on boards. Now, I ran out of boards to post. And I have no idea what to do now. What can I do, please let me know in any comments?


Salil Sethi
You have a pretty amazing tool. Like most of the people, you do have the challenge of being discovered. I struggle with driving traffic for my application also, but have been at this for a few years and happy to share my 2 cents. In the early stages, there are only a few ways to drive traffic: 1. Free traffic (Not truly free, because you spend your time or hire someone to help with it, but each additional visit from these sources does not cost you): - Referral traffic: boards that you have already posted on - Search traffic - Earned media (PR driven traffic) 2. Paid traffic - Paid google ads - Paid social - Influencer marketing etc. Just to focus on free traffic here, I think everyone starts with referral, and that is great. It gives you quick feedback, and if you get lucky a major account endorses it and you get visibility to that account holders followers. Happens rarely, but doesn't hurt to try. The more sticky traffic is search. It takes a long time to start, you need back links etc. But start small and commit to working on it each day And finally, earned media. Earned media can take a while too. Getting press coverage can be incredibly hard. But if you can somehow insert yourself into relevant conversations, it can happen. My suggestion to you would be to piggy back of Roam Research success and try to hit journalists with that angle. Second, do start on search piece, create small tools, write blog posts, whatever it takes. My last piece of advice will be, your product is great. You are not struggling because of the product, but because people don't know about it. Good luck.
Bruno Barberi Gnecco
This is a blunt opinion, but hopefully helpful. You start with "Hi. This is LearnObit, a steroid for your learning. It's still in the beta stage. However, it's already progressed enough to be used seriously. So, it might be a good idea to give it a try." This only tells me that the product is probably buggy and incomplete, and I still have very little idea of what it is. Then on the second section, "On the web, there are tree-structure note-taking tools, and some people love them because these tools are really good at organizing information. There are also SR (Spaced Repetition) tools, and some people love them because these tools help them remember information with minimal effort and time." This tells me nothing. I still don't know exactly what your product is. Are you teaching things or is it an app to take notes? "So, how does it work? When the user takes notes through the tree-structure, it makes those note manageable through the SR algorithm." I'm a techie and even to me this is dry. The "would my mother understand it" test fails completely so far. Then you show a video with 6 panels that keep changing. I can't keep track of what is going on. I still don't know what your product does. I see a giant tree of things that I don't relate to. And then you go back to the definition of 4 methodologies for learning. I feel I'm in a psychology class. I'd have dropped out of your site by this point. But it goes on and on. My opinion: recreate your landing page from scratch. Get a template to start with. Think of hiring a designer, purple with orange doesn't look great. About the product itself, your UI is complete but confusing. There are tons of panels and buttons and things that open. I don't know what to do. It might be great after two weeks using, but when I'm open I'm completely lost. If I'm trying to learn something, I want a very simple UI so I'm focusing on what I'm learning, not on a complex interaction.
Nigel Bahadur
Are you getting traffic to the site and its not converting? Or are you getting no traffic at all? If you're getting traffic without conversions then it may be the issue that I ran into when I looked at the site - I had no idea what it does for me. As beautiful as the site is, it makes everything look complicated without a clear idea of the benefits of investing my time in it. Maybe its targeted at a specialized audience who already understand the terminology and methodologies you're promoting there (instead of people like me)? If so, then maybe your marketing efforts would need to be a lot more focused on those users instead of being broad-based. I hope this helps.