Personal finance on steroids 💊

Eugene Ive
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Hi Makers. Сheck this out! There is an idea of a personal finance app with neuronal network under the hood. The network analyses age, gender, budget, past and future spending, macro and microeconomic factors. Based on these parameters, the application provides recommendations for financial management. For example, if you are 30 years old and have savings, you can increase your investment in risk assets like stocks or crypto. That is, you get a financial advisor like this, but without human risks. First, a financial cushion is formed, then, when this is achieved, more or less conservative investments start, and then more risky ones. It would be cool if the app gave advice on how to develop financially and up to where to invest. What do you think?


George Donets
uel and building blocks for that adaptation (and the exercise itself). Food. Lots of food. More than you need to keep yourself at a stable weight…but not so much that you just store lots of it as fat. How much you eat is crucial - so is *what* you eat. You can get a ton of calories from just eating sugar, but you won’t build muscle with it. You can get all your calories form protein - but you’ll feel like crap because you’re missing vital nutrients required in all physiological processes. A balanced diet that is properly thought out is essential.