Name one thing you'd like to know better about your remote coworkers?

Wojciech Kocjan
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Hi! We all know team building is hard, especially in remote environments. I think the crucial part of any team is a trust within it - and you can’t have it, if your team members don’t know each other well. I’m starting working on a tool for building teams around the people and would be grateful to get some insights from you. Which problems and challenges in this area are crucial for you? 🙏🏻 Thank you!
🏞️ 🏀 🎲 Their personalities (hobbies, interests outside the work)
👩‍💻 Skills & competences (who is good at what)
🔧 Tools (which they use to do the work)
🤷🏻‍♂️ Responsibilities (within the company)
💼 Their career path (past jobs & experience)
❓Other (please reply in a comment)


Be Happy, Do Good
I don't want to vote above because I'm only speculating (I don't have a remote/any team), but... If I've already hired them - I would want to know their personalities so we can connect and have a strong interpersonal relationship despite the distance. If I'm hiring - I would want to know their skills and competencies (more so than past jobs and experience), so they don't weigh down the project. I wouldn't care about their personalities if I'm too busy resenting them for being dead weight. Lol Hope there's some good material in here.
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@bill_haywood Thanks for your input! Actually it's a very good point that there are different needs in different stages (existing team members / new hires). What do you think from an employee's perspective? Let's say you've just got hired, were introduced to the team and... what's now? How can you currently know better your new colleagues? Do you think it's a real problem these days?
Be Happy, Do Good
@w_kocjan May be a special case but....I'm a resentful-as-hell recovering alcoholic and addict, so I want to know what makes these people tick, so I can see them as human and not obstacles to my happiness. Lol #TrueStory So personally put me down as prioritizing personalities and the like.