Best platform for a news site/blog?

Ghost Kitty
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I currently run a publication about technology and startups in Substack, but I have limitations because I'm writing about different editorial lines and I need SEO support. So what place should I look?


Eric Marthinsen
WP and Ghost are fine if all you want is a simple blog. There's a good ecosystem of themes, plugins, and 3rd party plugins. However, my CMS of choice is Craft CMS. It's a bit more work to get off the ground (e.g., it is very developer-centric), but it brings along a lot of power that the blogging platforms do not. Specifically, the way you can model your content and represent it intuitively in the editor is great. Also, since you write the templates for it, you have unlimited control over the content, for instance for SEO.
Artem Galenko
Try Tilda very easy, cheap and for free you can make a real masterpiece