Launched website, what do you guys think?

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Hey Guys, need feedback on the website: Website link: What do you think is missing? What more can be done?


Salil Sethi
Congratulations on the launch. Here are some thoughts: Pros: - The website design is clean - I know exactly what your website offers Some things to think about: - The logo design and heading, sub-heading typeface feel inconsistent. The logo is a modern-ish look. The typeface reminds me of quality old school stuff (e.g., New York Times) - It's a great MVP, but maybe add some design assets preview on the homepage itself. I'd love to scroll through them on the homepage, rather than click around to see examples. - Consider center aligning the two Kits you have. Overall, very nice MVP, I'm sure it will get even better as you continue working on it. Congrats again.