ProductHunt application rights for twitter. Aren't they a little scary?

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I really want to have avatar on ProductHunt. To do so, it seems, PH requires connecting account to twitter (or Facebook). I was a little surprised when I saw rights needed for PH to connect with my twitter account. I am not obsessed about privacy, especially when I can easily setup another account just for PH, yet, amount of rights required for connecting PH to twitter is, well, scary at least. Here's the list: Has access to Tweets on your timeline (including protected Tweets), lists and collections. Can view your Twitter profile and account settings. Has access to information about watched, muted and blocked accounts. Can follow accounts or stop doing so on your behalf. Can update your profile and account settings. Can post and delete Tweets and respond to Tweets of others (like them, undo, reply, give away, etc.) on your behalf. It can create, delete and manage lists and collections for you. It can mute, block and report accounts on your behalf. Accessing your email address. Didn't that bother anyone? If I can upload a header image, why I cannot upload profile image? I don't see any technical reason.
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