Switch online supermarket over plastic packaging?

Alex Zilber
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Would you switch your online supermarket for the one that allows you to control / reduce the amount of plastic packaging in your grocery shopping


Jonathan Riftin
OMG! I recently moved to the UK and been doing mostly online shopping. The amount of plastic packaging is i-n-s-a-n-e! I'm not sure i'll be willing to pay MORE just for less packaging but definitely want to be able to reduce it.
Alex Zilber
@ryonatan yes agreed, and most of the time you can’t tell anything about thr packaging while shopping online. Where did you move from though, is it any better there?
Jonathan Riftin
@alex_zilber I moved from NY and I don't remember the packaging was this bad but TBH I'm shopping online for groceries more here than there.
Alex Zilber
@ryonatan right, I see. So here only Tesco has a public api for its products and info about packaging isn’t on it. Never explored American supermarkets for that. We are building an app for recording (and ultimately reducing ) one’s plastic footprint hence the question. Connecting to that info via an api is of course the best way to automate, as for now we have to rely on people entering packaging info manually
Jonathan Riftin
@alex_zilber how about using Trax (or other solutions that use computer vision to monitor shelves on supermarkets)
Valeria Ceban Belostecinic
Unfortunately, we rarely pay attention to packaging when buying groceries or other household necessities. We are more interested in what is inside in most cases. However, a significant proportion of the waste pollutes our planet. That is why I changed the packaging mechanism of goods at my factory and changed the equipment with the help ofhttps://www.spackmachine.com/ . The easiest way to prevent packaging waste is to think about whether it is needed at all. Therefore, many supermarkets are gradually abandoning the use of unnecessary plastic films.
Mark Lense
I like that now many people have started to care about the environment, and so do I. Therefore, the choice of a supermarket now depends on whether they use plastic bags and whether they give them for free. This affects the number of packages they give and change, and I read about one of these supermarkets in the reviews at https://lowes.pissedconsumer.com/review.html where many people wrote that they also care about the environment and use disposable packages many times. I do the same and always carry a shopping bag or bag with me to keep my carbon footprint low.
Evelina Paukštytė
it seems like a good idea to switch to an online supermarket that allows you to control or reduce plastic packaging. Plastic waste is a significant environmental problem, and reducing the amount of plastic packaging can help to mitigate this issue. Online supermarkets that offer this option are taking a step in the right direction towards sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The use of a vacuum leak tester, such as the one found at https://www.seal-check.pro/vacuu..., can also help reduce waste by ensuring that packaging is properly sealed and not subject to leaks or defects. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is important to them when choosing where to shop for groceries.
John Crazu
Absolutely! Packaging is a major concern for me, and I believe it's crucial to reduce plastic waste. If there's an online supermarket that offers alternatives and actively promotes sustainable Packaging options, I'd gladly make the switch. Let's prioritize eco-friendly choices and make a positive impact on the environment together.
adrian slackman
Absolutely, the ability to control and reduce the amount of plastic packaging in my grocery shopping is a significant factor that influences my choice of an online supermarket. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, sustainable packaging options like [https://www.silveredgepackaging.... nail polish packaging) are gaining importance not only in the cosmetics industry but also in various other product categories, including groceries. So, if an online supermarket offers options to minimize plastic packaging and promotes sustainable alternatives such as custom nail polish packaging for various products, it would definitely catch my attention and win my loyalty