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Anastacia Chichigina
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I was glad that Coda contains rich functionality. This inspired me to do some interesting things that I came up with looking at the documentation. The only thing I could not realize is: column name = variable I have a set of numeric data. I calculate Min и Max. I would like to set column1.Label = Min.Value and column2. Label = Max.Value (I don't mean the technical name, but the name of the column that the user will see) The point is in my doc Mix and Max values will be different for each user and I can't write them as constants. But I need them as column headers, cause I do data analysis for these values. I know this is an unpopular need. Just FYI :) Or maybe it can still be done and someone can explain to me how.


Anastacia Chichigina
Also I was a little bit confused by the difference of some elements on the desktop and in the mobile version. For example, the calendar on the desktop allows you to select the month and year, but in the mobile version month and year can not be selected.