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Даша Кулик
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Hey, Product Hunt! We are the XQR.ONE team. We ourselves know how difficult it is to optimize business and keep order. So we decided to help entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers and people who appreciate order. We are developing a service that will help to exchange contacts quickly and help to keep the business in one hand. Creating business cards Create an electronic business card with links to all social networks and resumes. You won't forget it at home and you can share your data at any time. All collected contacts can be sorted in folders and quickly found. Create a SMART site Promote products and services. With the XQR media platform, you can get feedback, search for customers, contractors and distributors. The system allows you to transfer employees to remote work and check the productivity of their activities. Event organization The service helps you create an event or event. You can add a program to the service, sell tickets and passes. Remind participants and keep in touch with them about the upcoming event. Training Start the online school. On XQR media you can add video tutorials, set up access to pass them and earn revenue from sales. Check out our YouTube: for this technology or register at Thank you for your upvotes!
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