MVPs - contract a designer or DIY?

Andy Reed
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I'm working on an MVP Saas tool but I'm nervous about sending it to prospective customers because.... it is ugly. For people developing new software products in the early stages of development, are you contracting designers before you have users, or are you getting by with DIY work?


Joel Loyol
Customers will take you less seriously if they see an unpolished product but it really depends on what your goals are. If you're looking for market validation, take the approach that you're doing research and are looking to get insights from your users. If you start with that customer will be more forgiving with what you show them.
David Jones
It really depends on the product-market fit and what the potential customer demands. We're currently polishing our UI and plan to launch with something very slick. That said, I've got a scaled down prototype that I've been getting some feedback on from people I know.