Welcome to Makers Festival Snap Kit edition πŸ‘‹

Aaron O'Leary
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Say Hi and introduce yourself πŸ‘‹Can't wait to hear all of your amazing ideas


Aaron O'Leary
Aaron here from Product Hunt! Super excited to be working with Snap on this Festival! I have been playing around with it myself these past few weeks and it is super cool. Can't wait to see what everyone builds πŸŽ‰
@aaronoleary Does the product need to be already hunted to be submitted ?
Arj Singh
Hey everyone, Arj here! Have been wanting to mess around with Snap Kit for a while, and this is the perfect reason to final get to it...
Aaron O'Leary
@asingh2 It's super fun to build with, a lot of interesting capabilities as well! Have any ideas so far?
Aaron O'Leary
Reminder: Submissions close the 14th of November at 11pm PT, hope everyones build is coming along nicely, you also do not need an app store approved app to enter the festival! πŸ‘»