Someone should make a Gobble like service, specifically for Gym goers?

Junior Owolabi
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I workout out a lot and rarely have the time to buy the right food, to keep me healthy and lower my body fat percentage.


Al Sapone
Hi! I am interested to join this discussion too. I have no more money to pay for expensive fitness clubs, but I want my four packs anyway. Will this app help me?
Junior Owolabi
@alsapone I wasn't creating an app, I was just suggesting ideas, from a customer perspective. Keto diet helps with fitness, check out Thomas DeLauer's youtube channel
David Mailing
@alsapone We just created and launched a free app for this ( Can filter for available equipment (even if you have none, it will give you just body weight), and progress you accordingly. Would love to get your thoughts.
Lourdes Perdon
I don't care about your financial problems and fitness clubs issue. But I am sure that this app will help you to get your four packs only if you train with is four hours every day. Plus a diet. Guys in our club use testosterone propionate sometimes and if you are willing I can ask the about something for women.