Where do you find people to work with? (Not Twitter, ProductHunt, etc)

Monish Kumar
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If you are looking to start a new project and you want to find people to work with (co-founders or early employees), where would you look? Is there a community just for that? If you already have a great network, things are relatively easy. But what if you don't have a network yet? Where do you look?


dheeraj kotra
I found some one for freelance on early stage idea on Y- combinator Startup school
Jesse Lempiäinen
Linkedin has turned out to be quite good as well 👍
Monish Kumar
@jesse_lempiainen1 LinkedIn works for most business but I find it to be very spammy and no proper leads.
Fernando Cordeiro
Finding people to work with is one of my goals. I kinda suck at interacting on Twitter and LinkedIn, so more and more I use ProductHunt.
Monish Kumar
@mrcordeiro Totally agree with you Fernando. I am curious if there is a solution to that already. I couldn't find any so far.