We are offering 500 Audience biometric cards for the first subscribers on audiencemoney.com

Alexis Chevalier
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In order to meet the continuing and evolving needs of customers, Audience is working on the development of a branded biometric payment card that eliminates the need to memorize and utilize a PIN code for security. Instead, this payment card offers a secure solution for customers' payment needs. Audience clients will soon be able to enjoy a secure payment card and discover a world without the need for a PIN code. With an Audience biometric card, clients will tap and pay without any restriction or NFC current limit. The waitlist for this exciting product is now open for early access users, who will be given the opportunity for further insights from the Audience team, as well. Visit audiencemoney.com for more information about how the biometric payment card works as well as further banking offers. We do banking faster, safer and more profitable. The Audience team.


Sk Nath
Great Mr Alexis its new wave of use biometric cards for securing payments.