Do you let other people view details on your calendar?

Henry Shapiro
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There's been a bunch of discussion recently about "closed calendar" companies vs "open calendar" ones. Closed == I can see that you're busy, but not what you're busy for Open == I can see that you're busy, and I can see what you're busy for It seems there are lots of pros and cons to either scenario, and then a lot of nuance in-between. I'm curious to get this community's perspective on the matter!


I keep my calendar open. I mean obviously you can’t see the content, but you can see schedule and availability. This is done by calendly app which also allows our customers to directly book time 🚀
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@jesse_lempiainen1 Ah, so you keep it to "free / busy" availability only -- technically I think that would be called a "closed calendar". The open calendar world is all about keeping your details public to your coworkers. Thanks for responding!
@henry_shapiro Ah I see! Yea in that cased my calendar is fully closed :D