How can I help?

Daniël Heesen
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a starting point for my new web series 'How can I help?'. I'm digital all-rounder with 8 years of experience in startups, programming, design and marketing. My believe is that every challenge could be solved by technology. The idea of the web series is to show how to fix challenges, show the process and open source the output. And for me to try new technologies and learn from it. :-) So, how can I help YOU? 🙌


Are you looking for suggestions for challenges and problems to solve with tech? The remit feels overwhelmingly broad. Could you give some examples of who your audience will be? e.g. "how do I build an MVP for my app idea?. Is that the kind of challenge you would help with?
Daniël Heesen
@abadesi What challenge are you dealing with? I'm not looking for a target audience. I'm looking firstly for a target audience of one. So if you have a challenge, just let me know.