POLL: How do you make your resume stand out in the tech industry?

Gerald 🤓
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I posted on LinkedIn about making the resume fun (to create/read) for job seekers and employers. (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/s...) My question today is, how does one make their resume stick out in the tech industry? Especially if a job seeker's goal is to eventually work for the big companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter. Or rather, is it even worth trying to stick out and over think the resume?


I'm a huge fan of the templates on visualCV.com because they stand out visually while also following a slightly traditional style. Of course it depends on the role you want and the company you're trying to get the attention of... but risks can certainly pay off. Curious to hear what the others think.
Jay Smith
When I hire for startups or maturing companies, I look for candidates who have taken the time to make their resume portray the specifics from their skill set and experience set that match the requirements for the position. When that's done with flair, it gets my attention. Also, I follow up with every resume submitted. Even if it's a one-liner email explaining that there were better-qualified candidates in the queue, that feedback can help the seeker better tune for the next resume review.