Discovering new communities as a user, and running communities as a community builder

Colin Brauns
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Hey all - I'm really excited about our new project Stoop (, and want to talk about community building technology in general with anyone. We started from the premise that we wanted to make an ethical social network that allows people to live awesome, healthy social lives. Research shows that meeting with people in person, and being surrounded by a supporting community is critical to your health and happiness. But there are also so many people around us today that it's hard to know who to connect with. Based on that observation, we decided that discoverability of local communities that meet offline should be the focus. Having been a community builder for 10 years myself, I knew a lot of the pains of community building tools: šŸ’¬ None blend online/offline well - its so daunting to launch an online version that most offline event organizers avoid it. šŸ˜¤ There's no all-in-one solution - your audience is super spread out. šŸ’µ None integrate sponsors and donations. They largely ignore the logistics and economics of running a community. Stoop helps you find communities & events, connect before an event and stay connected after. Communities can run events & find attendees, speakers and sponsors. Community Builders will be able to easily accept donations to the community and their events from both sponsors and individuals. Community Builders will be able to earn some cash for their effort by accepting Twitch style subscriptions. Our initial product is a network of discoverable community chatrooms that allow offline event management. Each of those offline events will have it's own chat channel created automatically for anyone who registers. We'll quickly add ways to donate, and ways for sponsors to discover these events - Donors choose style. I'd love to talk about our idea and community building technology with anyone. Sign up for early access at the link in the first line, and join our chatroom: Thanks, Colin
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