I'll try your product if you try mine!

Nick Manzek
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Post your products below. I'll try them and give feedback on the UX and value proposition. If you want specific feedback on a feature or part of the user journey make a note. If I'm helpful, all I ask is that you try my product and send some feedback my way. It's an app that let's you talk with your friends faster by sending audio messages with one touch. https://www.producthunt.com/post... Thanks!


Something Awesome Coming Soon
Sure! I'd love to try your product. Ours is StarGaze Social Movie Reviews. Basically Goodreads for Movies. https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@mitchgillogly I rarely write reviews, so for me, I wanted to see the reviews in app instead of waiting for a weekly email. The extension loads quick and is simple which I like. One thing that was confusing is that it doesn't say which movie/show I am reviewing in the extension so I'm never 100% sure. Also, I got an error when I tried to sign up with Facebook saying the app was still in development (I emailed you the screenshot). Hope some of that helps!
Something Awesome Coming Soon
@nick_manzek Thanks for testing it out. We're definitely going to build out a web app so users can see reviews in real-time. I agree not being able to see the movie title is confusing as you're writing the review and that will be fixed soon. Also, I don't think I got your email. Did you email it to stargazedev2019@gmail.com? Also, I downloaded your app. I'll test it this week.
@mitchgillogly My apologies, I forgot to send the screenshot over. It should be in your inbox now.