POLL: As a developer what would you prefer?

Arth Gajjar
2 replies
I just want to know the developer thoughts, how important the code is to it's developer.


Stephan Kreutzer
I guess it depends on what the code is for, who needs it for what, and style/training/discipline/habit of the developer. I personally prefer to write more stable code while trying to avoid errors or crashes, so I can trust my own code more. In general software might end up being around for a long time. It's not fun having to fix stuff afterwards trying to find the bug with an annoyed customer on the phone, or the problems increasing every time more code gets added (side-effect problems grow exponentially, so technical debt has to be repayed at some point). Given the circumstances, there can be trade-offs of course. A little small experimental side project to play around with and try things obviously don't need to be rock solid, as they might get thrown away anyway and it's more important to explore more options faster than investing the time to harden it (can still be re-done properly later for a better, real version).
Arth Gajjar
@skreutzer I agree with you, hence I use JavaScript for my small/side projects but PureScript for prod projects.