I am 22 and I am a loser. I have no money, no girl. But I have a couple of ideas...

Alex JustAlex
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...couple of ideas that (I would like to write that they will make our world a better place) BUT at first, they will seem crazy to you. Although - no, they will be different for you, for someone absurd, for someone genius. And someone does not even read this to the end. I'm not worse than the geniuses from Silicon Valley. I want other people to see my ideas. And I really want money honestly speaking. My life is not meaningless if I make a lot of money and save at least one human life. First idea. Look through the mirror – LTTM The idea is to watch TV, a telephone, using a mirror, a double mirror. The simplest example that can be given to make my idea clear … Periscope is an optical device for observation from a shelter. Use a gadget already pre-designed with mirror technology. Without additional equipment, such as binoculars for safe eyesight. Look at the screen of any device without further deterioration of vision, using two or more mirrors. The main point here is that I need someone who knows a lot about physics to find out if this method works. What effect will the mirror have on the eyes? If the damage from a mirror to vision is less than from a direct look at the screen, then this is the future.


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