Coda powered CBT app

Saumo Pal
7 replies
Hi, I have created a cognitive behavioral therapy app using for this festival. Hope you all like it and use it. Suggestions welcome. Link to product -


Devan Sabaratnam
@saumo_pal Nice work! Like the concept behind the app - it is very intriguing. Have to show it to my wife who used to do some work in this area.
Anastacia Chichigina
@saumo_pal I am the person who need this app :) I tested it, wrote my comments on the product's page. On the desktop I had problems in step 2: the value I chose was not written to the final table. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong, I just clicked on the card to make it highlighted.
Saumo Pal
@anasta_mova Thank you for the feedback! In desktop, after clicking the card, you need to press the relatable button to make it work. Do let me know any further issues or suggestions that you would like in the app!
Paul Danyliuk
@saumo_pal I like the idea. One issue so far: the button "Ready now" has absolute URL back to your original doc. Use relative URL: only the portion that contains section name, i.e., "CBT_su_UK". This is so that when I copy the doc, links still work within my copy. UPD: actually no, that doesn't work with buttons. Use a hyperlink instead.
Saumo Pal
@paul_danyliuk I understand the issue but I think there is no function right now to fetch the current url of the document. Even I tried using relative url but it did not work. I think @coda_hq can think of adding a formula to fetch current document's url so that one can play with it to create relative links. Thank you for the review :)
Paul Danyliuk
@coda_hq @saumo_pal Relative URLs only work when you add links (either by clicking a link button on the top panel, or by Hyperlink() function. Seems that they don't work in Actions. And yes, I really like this simple self-aid technique. Can really help people with anxiety.