When do you decide to pivot from one side project to another?

Tobias Frierson
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When do you decide to pivot from one side project to another? I have a few months invested in the first one and about $3000. There's plenty of AI/ML work done along with some learnings. The next project is far more niche and could be more lucrative. I've done a ton of the product work and understand the market pretty well right now. I just hate leaving things unfinished or to put them on pause when I control the initiative. Thoughts.


IMO pivot is just another word for "acknowledging that what we're doing isn't working and trying something else". Deciding to pivot is deciding whether or not what you're doing is "working", ideally based on a combination of hard metrics, intuition, and if you're working with others, democratic decision-making.
Milestones are so important because they have always helped me decide whether to carry on the course I've mapped out, or reflect on the data and make new assumptions and new decisions. I have always operated on the Lean Methodology of build, measure, learn when it comes to my own business. So you have built - what metrics did you measure to determine success? What have you learned from them? The decision to pivot is totally down to the vision of the company you want to build, no one else can make that call for you. In the first 12 months of my company I changed biz models numerous times.
The second sentence says a lot. Do you know about the sunk cost fallacy? As others have stated, why are you pivoting? Are you simply going after the next shiny new thing?