What quality of an MVP to launch?

Brittany Partridge
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I have a product being developed offshore and I'm at a crossroads. Continue development for a product that's inconvenient to use but could give good insight as to how people want to use the real thing or pause development, do more research and then make a better thing.


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Why not build the real thing right away and do more research to make that better?
The real thing is really expensive to develop and host. Getting users to trust us I think is going to be one of the biggest obstacles
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At what stage of the development are you? If you already "developed enough" (and this enough is in reality much lower than we expect), I'd say, launch it and test your idea with what you have. This might be as well all the research you need : putting whatever you have in the hands of users and learn from them.
@sophia_benhaddou we just finished the frontend, with each deliverable I pay them for another milestone. My concern as that it's not the app I want to build anymore and the functionality isn't what it would actually be & is really inconvenient to use right now/not the correct audience
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@brittany_partridge Ok so there's no way you can use what you already built?
@sophia_benhaddou the functionality right now for uploading and filing is still on the user which makes it no different than any other program, it needs to be easier. I think I want to finish the UI, make a demo of each, get some feedback and then decide