Is a top hunter the main requirement for a project to be featured?

Vladimir Nesterenko
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Hi there! Does anybody know a secret of how to make a project featured? :) We launched project with a no-top hunter yesterday ( We have the amount of upvotes that are competitive to other featured projects on the same day. But one of the competitors was featured with only 4 upvotes ( The one difference is that they have more quality hunter (and the project is also cool, I upvoted it and recommend to do it everyone who's reading this text:) ). So, can I conclude that a top-hunter is the only requirement for the project to be featured? Or maybe somebody has any other ideas?


Hanna Barzakouskaya
A similar topic was started some weeks ago and if I'm not wrong the results of this discussion were that PH has their own secrets scripts and the best you can do is to follow PH recommendation. And to hope for the best, of course.
Breffni Potter
Lots of factors and reasons. Trying to game the system I suspect will lead to lovely penalties by the team. Number of votes I suspect are not the only factor, how good is the product itself? Does it solve a big problem? So for a direct comparison. One is a robotic cube that does lots of fun things and has raised 25k USD on Kickstarter. The other is a directory website which has no mention of userbase size or any other details. Then when you realise that the second product is not even a custom product: - Just a page on an pre made tool, with no original technical innovation, I suspect this is why it was not featured at a glance.