Hey, I'm looking for co-founder for a new startup

Marco Gadaleta
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Hi there, I'm Marco and I've a product in mind. To be honest it's also real but for an half... At the moment I've created the frontend app and closed agreements for redirecting 10M users on my app at the launch. There are also a couple investors potentially interested but...they've asked to me some KPIs before to finance it (potentially :) ). This app is to support the users during their travels and a lot of other things. There is a bit of AI, a bit of clustering and a bit of a lot of other things but...I love to take things easy. Let's get to the point. I'm looking for a co-founder that would like to embrace the project and, above all, the vision. Someone with abilities with the developing of backend services mainly. So if you're interested or you know about someone potentially interested, please give me a shout.
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