I feel lonely building my business, does anyone else?.

Sophie Halpin
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I feel lonely building my business, and wish there was more support to connect, vent frustrations, keep positive, bounce ideas etc. Does anyone else feel like this, if so, I would be interested to know how you overcome this or help with this on a daily basis?. p.s Sending positive vibes to all the makers out there 🤗✌️


Sometimes I feel this way, especially if you don't have a co-founder or partner you are working with. Even when I talk to my friends most of them never really get it, they say things like "oh cool, sounds like a nice idea". And I started to realize no one is going to care about what you're doing as much as you. Anyways, that's why I like communities like this because I get to see other passionate people like you, working on really cool stuff and it drives me to do more, even when I am not feeling like it. And sometimes I get to build connections with some of the people I meet.