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Ashim Adhikari
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Does any one know any app that can pause your thoughts and make you feel asleep? #MidnightThoughts #MakersProblem 不不


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Calm has good sleep stories! I mostly use it for relaxation but successfully fell asleep with it on a couple of rough nights :)
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@marie_dostoewskaya Controlling my thoughts is one of my bigger problem. Has Calm helped you with that ?
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@masterashim If I get it right then yes :) I can't control the way my brain starts running around once I go to bed sometimes. I usually can't sleep cause I start to overthink about smth very particular, and I keep switch between the thoughts until my brain feels like an overcooked potato. A good story helps to channel my thoughts in different direction, it kinda calms my brain down.
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Headspace has Sleep where it has a lot of sleep meditations. Can't tell you how the end of the meditations are though :)
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